How to get started with SmartEv Cloud

  1. Create a user with your phone number, and log in using the password you receive through SMS.
  2. To use a chargepoint that requires payment, you have to register a credit card.

After completing these steps you can use any chargepoint connected to SmartEV Cloud.

I'm registered, now how do I start charging?

If this is a private charger, you need to contact the building management company to get access to start charging.

You can start charging in three ways: directly from the home page, through and RFID card, and through SMS.

To start from the home page:

1. Find the chargepoint you are standing next to. You can search the name which is marked on the charge point, through the address, or by finding on the map.

2. Once you have found the chargepoint, just press "start charging".

3. Connect the vehicle with the correct cable and charging will start right away. You stop charging by simply disconnecting your vehicle.

How do I start charging with SMS?

After you are registered, you can simply start charging by sending an SMS.

  1. Send the name of the chargepoint (for example evcloud3) to number +47 59 44 00 63.
  2. Connect the vehicle with a charging cable.

Charging stops when you disconnect the vehicle.

Please note! You still have to register a credit card to use chargepoints that require payment.

How to start with RFID?

To request an additional RFID card for your SmartEv Cloud account, please follow the link below and enter your details.

Once your request is approved by your administrator, a new RFID card will be dispatched to the address

How to add a credit card

  1. Click credit card in the main menu located to the top right on this page.
  2. If you already have a credit card it is now listed on the page. If not, click the "add credit card" button.
  3. Fill the form with your credit card details.

The card information will now be securily stored at our payment provider, and you can charge without having to think about this again.